The Commission depends upon and welcomes financial support and support ‘in kind’ to achieve its objectives. Key sponsors and supporters who have provided vital resources to help the Commission currently include the following.

Key sponsors


Blackbaud is passionate about delivering the technology that non-profits need to advance their missions, and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. Over that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the fundraising sector – some negative, many positive – but rarely has the profession of fundraising in the UK been under greater scrutiny than it is right now. The technology and services we provide is a key enabler of the success of much of that fundraising, which gives us an extremely close affinity with the fundraisers that use our systems every day. We recognise that a renewed focus on the experience of those who are kind enough to donate to charitable causes is essential. We believe that positive and consistently-applied enhancements to that experience will lead to fulfilled, engaged donors; a sustainable increase in funds raised, and a rejuvenation of the success of non-profits in the UK. That is why Blackbaud is supporting the Commission.

Immediate Media

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WPN Chameleon

WPN Chameleon designs, builds and hosts websites for half of the top 20 UK charities. And also works in DRTV and direct mail to recruit and retain donors for fundraisers in the UK such as The Salvation Army, Oxfam, NSPCC, ActionAid and Humane Society International. Never before has the relationship with the donor been more important, not just from the public perception point of view, but perhaps more vitally, because the ‘social contract’ between donor and organisation is critical for the health of that relationship. The technology we employ, used appropriately, can enhance that relationship more powerfully than ever before, but this brings with it new responsibilities. As a leading practitioner in the field, we’re delighted to support to work of the Commission.


  • University of Kent
  • Raising IT
  • Slack Communications

A large and growing number of experienced professionals from across charity fundraising in the UK are also volunteering substantial amounts of their time.

If you'd like to support us please get in touch.